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Thread: Work Visa or Work to Residence Visa?

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    Default Work Visa or Work to Residence Visa?

    I feel a bit embarrassed posting this as I think I really ought to know but is there a difference between a work visa and a work to residence visa? I am here in Wellington on a talent visa (accredited employer) but chatting with our HR person today I'm not sure if it's WTR visa or just a straightforward work visa and whether there's a difference anyway?! The blue sticker is headed "Work Visa" and there's a blurb about it being valid for 30 months and I can only work for my current employer etc., etc. Just wondering where this leaves me with applying for PR and if a WTR visa is better in this regard - or whether that's what I have anyway?! Confused........

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    With your visa you can apply for residency (residence from work visa) after 2 years. If you earn over $90 000 they should give you permanent residency. Below that you get residency. It is all fairly straightforward, you drop off the application at immigration in Wellington and put it in the dropbox for the business migration branch. Ours took a month and everyone in the family got the same visa afterwards.

    here you go:

    Here is the factsheet (it is very hard to find) stating that if you have a talent visa you can be offered permanent residence straight from the work visa:

    I wouldn't be embarrassed - the HR dept should know that and have been able to tell you. I seem to think you are at Victoria and they have enough people going through that system.

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