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Thread: Excess luggage from the U.S.

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    Default Excess luggage from the U.S.

    I'm leaving for NZ in a couple of days and I'm taking a second bag. Interesting that I've never been charged for my second bag when flying to NZ and I just found out why!

    U.S. law says that when you're flying more than one airline (booked on the same ticket) that the first airline dictates the price for luggage - and that the second airline cannot charge again. My first leg (PHX to LAX) is always on USAir. I went to USAir's website and found this: which says that on USAir's transpacific flights, the first and
    second bags are free!

    Hopefully they keep this policy until my son, his wife and 3 kids leave for NZ with their 10 suitcases!

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    That would be correct: first carrier's policy applies. The exception is when you make a stopover en route: on many international airfares, if you make a stopover outside your region of origin (in your case the US), your ticket reverts to the new, local baggage allowance--which is often one bag 20kg free. Extra bags or bags that way more than 20kg incur extra fees as a result.

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