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Thread: Business project looking for equity partners

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    Default Business project looking for equity partners

    I have a business project seeking to establish a dedicated truck and container coastal ferry service. Our company seeks to attract business migrant visa applicants to become equity partners in our enterprise.

    We have a strong business case founded upon a well researched business plan. Indeed during our research for the project we came across an industry research paper predating our interest which set out an essentially similar proposal, thus in a sense providing us with an independent endorsement. That industry research paper was seeking government assistance for a transport industry reform proposal which was shelved.

    Essentially we need to raise capital for a particular vessel best suited to the project, some operating capital and for those prepared to register with us we would issue a prospectus.

    In the meantime we would be keen to hear from anyone who might like to take this further as a step to emigrating to New Zealand?
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