Hi guys, i have some questions about bringing miniature liquors to NZ. I currently have about 20 pcs of them with different brands. I have the following questions,

1. Is it ok for me to bring them with me and have them included in my checked in box?
2. Will customs charge me for these items even if they are for personal display and not consumption? I've read some old threads regarding bringing in of collection of wines, and they were not charged by customs. I'm not quite sure if there are new regulations for this.
3. I asked a company if i can just include these for the items i will be shipping through them and they told me that there was an instance of the same items ( miniature) ship and later the owner was charged by customs.
4. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am very much aware of the guidelines for regular liquors that are exempted, meeting the maximum allowable content, etc, etc. but in my case these are collection and for display only.