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Thread: can anyone recommened a airline?

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    Default can anyone recommened a airline?

    hi there was wondering if anyone can recommened an airline as we are hoping to travel in november from the uk to auckland but want to stop in thialand {bankok} for 2 weeks in between as my dad lives there so want to stop and see him.

    there is 2 adults and 2 young children so need to be good with the kids i would love to fly with emerates as i have heard they are fantastic so i can get to thialand with them but going from thialand to auckland it is worked out in thia bat and nearly costing 5 grand so need a great airline from thialand to aauckland to go with , can anyone help?


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    Try a dummy booking on the Emirates website using the multi city option. The journey will be London to Bkk via Dubai, stopover 2 weeks, then BKK to AKL via SYD. The BKK to SYD legs are operated by Qantas, and if you choose well you can fly the SYD to AKL leg on an A 380.

    The dates I looked at were just under 3000 for 2 adults and 2 children, one way in economy.

    Thai airlines are also worth looking at. British Airways are expensive for one ways.

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    Hope I won't get any brick bats, but I would like to recommend

    I just picked a random date (ie. 02-04-2014). The fare from Bangkok-Singapore is 25 pounds and Singapore-Auckland is 190 pounds. Throw in luggage and other things it will still be under 250 pounds per passenger. I have used Jetstar for most of my travels to Auckland although my family is not too fond of it. It's no frills, bad service and food not so good (I don't buy it anyway).

    But my wallet has the veto power and travelling on Jetstar has saved me lots.

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    Thai for most direct routing (they're the only airline flying non-stop BKK AKL). But Singapore would work, as would Emirates or Malaysian. Thai fly to Auckland 4x a week, so if you try to book a date and get "no flights" try the day before or day after.

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