Hello To All
Before moving to NZ, I have few questions? And I know it will be clarified on non other than enz forum.
My questions are as below.

1) Which bank has lots of ATM's around NZ so it will be easy to remove money irrespective of location and locality.
2) Which NZ bank allows to open an A/c before landing in NZ? And What documents they require? Considering I am overseas.
3) Which internet provider and mobile service provider are best in NZ? In terms of less disturbance, good voice quality and good internet speed.
4) What food items we should not bring in NZ to avoid custom penalties.
5) Can anyone suggest me any cheap hotels or motels to stay in for few weeks in Auckland. My plan is to rentout or buy my own house on mortgage later once I secure job and settle down in NZ.

Kindly share your inputs. Thanks.