Hi All,

I recently got my student visa, and have made my flight bookings all the way from Bombay > Singapore > Sydney > Auckland > Napier.
I have booked two extra 23kg bags in addition to the one you get with the seat. However after I recieved my e-ticket, I notice there was a condition that loading of extra bags is subject to space availability on the plane which is an ATR 72 Turbo prop aircraft. This has got me worried.

I intend to carry:
1 Backpack (cabin baggage)
2 suitcases (23Kgs each)
1 Acoustic guitar in softcase

The eticket did not mention what happens if they are not able to take the bags on board.
Hence I would like to know from members with any such experience on what to expect.

Would I be asked to take a later flight, that can accomodate all my bags? (Causing delays)
Would they send it by another flight?
Where would they keep the bags, would they be safe?
How will I be notified, of arrival and pick up? (Considering I may not immediately have a sim card to use)

I have also sent them an email requesting information regarding the same. Waiting to hear from them.