I have been asked to find a suitable candidate for a part-time (2 days a week) IT project for a highly reputable organisation. They are looking for an experienced 3rd level Microsoft systems engineer The work involves

- AD security management / Possibly Server 2012 AD upgrade project

- AV upgrade work

- Security Patch Management upgrades

- Hardware audits

- Network monitoring deployments

- Other Microsoft Infrastructure work

It is based in Rotorua - so could suit someone who would enjoy Rotorua's leisure opportunities for mountain biking, tramping, water activities, skiing in Winter nearby. This will NOT lead to a Work Visa or residence as it is not full-time or permanent. However, the experience could be enough to get you that full-time permanent job in NZ in the future.
Interested? Please send Private Message to me with your email address so I can obtain your CV. I am meeting the organisation in question in NZ next week.