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Thread: Long distance relationship - can we get temp work visa?

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    Default Long distance relationship - can we get temp work visa?

    Ok, my situation is I am a NZ citizen living in Australia. I have been in a long distance relationship and am engaged to a South African living in SA. We have been together over a year. I have spent this year over 2 trips a total of 5 months in South Africa with her.

    My concern is she won't get a temporary work visa as we haven't technically lived together due to our long distance relationship.

    We intend to move to NZ to start a life but I'm unsure if "not living together" will go against us, however, we have ample proof of a genuine, exclusive and intention to stay together via social media, emails, evidence of my stays in SA, photos etc.

    Can anyone shed some light?
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    Time spent living together can sometimes be added up to prove a relationship. You don't have to have a set home in order to show that you're in a live-in relationship (some people have collected their partnership proof while travelling together), but you have to be able to provide evidence that the two of you are mutually dependent, live together when you can, and keep up the contact when you are unavoidably apart. Whether or not INZ will grant a visa yet depends on things like how good your proof is and how long together it shows. Here are some old threads about partnership which may give you some helpful ideas. You will see, it's showing that when you're together, you actually live together, that matters. Because partnership visas are the ones most often targeted by fraudsters getting NZ citizens and residents to lie to get them visas, INZ don't accept just what people SAY about one another and their relationship - partnership is counted as the one aspect that can be objectively proved.

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