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Thread: how do i reassure a prospective employer it easy to employ a migrant?

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    Default how do i reassure a prospective employer it easy to employ a migrant?


    i have a question which i hope this wonderful forum can help me with.
    i have sent my ITA for residency and i have found a potential employer who wants me to work for him! the problem is 95% of osteopaths are basically self employed even if they work for an "employer" . he would have to employ me, with all the associated paper work and costs. im not sure how osteopaths have worked in NZ and what visa they used. ive been told recently the door has closed on the old way in.

    I cant understand if immigration know we are all self employed and we are on the long term shortage list why his offer of work isn't good enough. if he "employed" a kiwi it would be on a self employed basis.

    any reassurance and help very much appreciated. i was hoping the day i got a job offer would be a day for celebration but it just another day in the mad roller coaster ride of migration.


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    I understand your concern and frustration about self employed jobs not being considered for work visa or skilled employment visa. However there are companies that would be willing to employ you full time and it's matter of finding right company and work visa sponsorship. I would suggest to look into smaller towns for such companies as there would be more opportunity to secure a full time work and job visa sponsorship.

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