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Thread: Would need some advise on job market, location to move and living standard

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    Default Would need some advise on job market, location to move and living standard

    So thrilled to see my account activated so I could throw out these questions bothering me for so long. So a big thank you to “JandM”, am pretty sure that you are the reason my account is activated. Cheers!!!

    Anyway, I cut to the point, after going through most the threads here, I couldn’t rally find a post that I could relate to my backgrounds to, so I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me a reality check on my expectation of the Country. Since my questions cover from location to move, work, etc, I figured posting the thread here would be more relevant, but I apologize if I posted this thread in the wrong section.

    I am currently working as a tax consultant in Hong Kong and I planned to move to nz via the skilled migrant program. I did the points test and only got 120 points, which doesn’t guarantee my application been successful. So I have the following questions that I hope could be help with:

    1) Is it difficult for a Chinese to land a job as an auditor in new Zealand. I understand there is no clear cut yes and no answer, and it really depends on like interview skills, quality of my cv, etc, but I am just slightly worried that even if I aced the aforesaid factors, would the local employers still prefer not to employ a Chinese;

    2) The reason why I am moving to New Zealand, is because it gives me easy access for diving, snowboarding (yeah), and hunting, so I would really want to move to move to Queenstown. So would it be difficult to get a job there, if so, would Christchurch be a better option?;

    3) Would there be any auditors (or anyone) here be able to give me an insight of been an auditor in nz, in terms of pay, career path, demand for internal/external auditor etc; and

    4) Would there be any new chinese migrant here to share their experience in new zealand.

    (Sorry for the typo and gramma, have to scramble my questions so i could get 2 hours sleep before work)

    Thank you so so so much!!!
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    Hi Vincent, all the best!
    First, you should put the 'being Chinese' aside. Although it is true there are sometimes preference for others in the employment market, remember that you are an experienced and skilled professional and should go all out in the job search. Be aware of the reality but don't let it become a scary barrier.

    Secondly, be open for options. You're here for the lifestyle. Of course, having an income makes the lifestyle sustainable. It could be an online business, or starting/buying over a small (touristy?) business to do in Queenstown, etc. Coming from HK, you probably may find life to be slow paced in NZ - that's to your advantage in my opinion. You'll have a lot of energy to do many things

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    You should notice that it is firm NZ government policy for NZ citizens, and those already holding NZ residence, to be employed in preference to an in-coming foreigner, IF the people's qualifications and experience are equal. You see this referred to under the heading 'I have a job offer from a New Zealand employer' here, explaining that nobody is going to get a temporary work visa if the job could equally well be done by somebody already in the NZ labour market.

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