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Thread: Need Advise ??

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    Default Need Advise ??

    My partner got a job offer in Welllington with a salary of +- 55k per annum.

    We have a toddler of 4 years old aswell as a baby on the way.

    We are currently in SA and will be moving to NZ in March 2014.

    My partner will be getting a company vehicle and cellphone and the company will provide us with accommodation for 3 months.

    I just wanted some advise on whether we will be able to live on that type of salary. I am not planning to work untill after the baby is born, which is July 2014 and then obviously i will be at home with the baby for about 4 months.

    Would appreciate your advise and comments

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    Hi Henriette,
    I guess if your partner's work is providing accommodation then you would manage on 55k. After that, if you are renting you are probably talking at least $350 p/w rental for Wellington and maybe $250 for food and general living expenses, so you might have to tighten your belts a bit. I'm sure you would manage though, particularly if it is only for a short time until you rejoin the workforce. If you have PR then you would probably qualify for Working for Families which would help considerably while you are not working.

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