Hi All,

I've started the process of converting my Canadian drivers license to an NZ one. I'm confused about the requirements.

Ontario has a graduated licensing system similar to New Zealand. There is the G1 (learners) where you have to be supervised to drive, and the G2 license whereby you can drive unsupervised with a few restrictions (0% blood alcohol), then after 8 or 12 months (depending on whether you take a defensive driving course) you can become a fully licensed G driver (no restrictions).

I got my full G license November 2012 so I've had it for just over a year now, but prior to that I had my G2 for 5 years. The Ontario drivers license does not have any information about driving history so the issue date on the licence is November 2012, and thus there is no "proof" that I've got more than 2 years driving experience or that I've held a valid drivers license for more than 2 years. I'll have been in NZ for one year come February so I have to convert my licence soon.

The website seems pretty clear (to convert without taking a test you have to "have held that licence for more than two years") and since I haven't had my G licence for more than 2 years, I went in to book my test. However, the person at AA told me I should look into getting a drivers abstract so that I don't have to take a test, so now I'm confused about what the requirements actually are. I've been a licensed driver, able to drive unsupervised for more than 6 years but only been fully licenced with no restrictions for just over one 1.

Am I able to convert my Ontario licence to a full NZ licence? Has anyone got any advice on this?
Thanks a bunch!