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    hi there all I m a 45 year old chef with over 20 years in the business and it has been a dream of mine to move to new Zealand but I m not sure if I would qualify or how I would go about doing this so I m posting this to ask for help I live in Canada and I m a papered chef and a semi truck driver yes I know it s a strange combo .right now I run a food truck in Canada it was just such a good fit I don't have a lot of savings but I have some enuf to get me there and pay my way for a month or 2 . so again I ask for help

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    To live and work in NZ, you have to qualify for a visa. There are several ways of doing this, and this link is the first step into the Immigration NZ website, where you can find out about them.

    When you've had a chance to look around the various pages, if you have any questions, post a link and people will do their best to help.

    If you have all the professional qualifications as a chef, you could apply directly for a Residence visa under the Skilled Migrant Category, without needing a job offer. If you get a job offer from a NZ employer, an application under SMC would be prioritized, and/or you could get a work visa, which can be processed more quickly.

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