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Thread: New Entrepreneur Work Visa application pending

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    Default New Entrepreneur Work Visa application pending

    Hi guys

    Been lurking a while, we have spent the last 2 years tracking down the right business to buy, having found it INZ go and scrap the LTBV leaving us with a different set of points to meet in the EWV!!
    Anyone out there offer advice on what happens once you have your business operating, do INZ pay close attention to what you're doing and whether you've met your business plan conditions?

    Thanks in advance


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    They might not pay attention to what you're doing in your everyday life, but after the (two year?) period, when you have to hand in your paperwork to convert your work visa into residency, you will have to provide figures and facts about how the business has performed and if you meet the projections etc. And these need to be 'proper' accountant's figures, not just written down on a sheet of paper.

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