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Thread: Steps for immigration?

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    Default Steps for immigration?

    Hi, my family and I want to move to New Zealand. What are the steps we need to take? Work visa first or job offer?
    How long does this process usually take?
    Thank you in advance for any help or input.

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    You need to make friends with the Immigration NZ website - be prepared to take your time understanding all the steps on the VARIOUS possible routes. Everything is pretty complicated, and it takes a while to get the head round what people are talking about. Use the Search for old threads on anything that puzzles you - you may well find you're not the first person with a question on that point.

    You cannot get a work visa unless you have job offer. Here's where to start looking for the information about work visas of various sorts, and/but follow the links to make sure you see all the details.

    If you are well enough qualified and experienced in a skilled line of work, you may possibly be able to apply directly for Residence under the Skilled Migrant Category without having a job offer first, but be aware that the way the quotas are running at the moment, no EOI with a points total below 140 has been selected for a long time. Those with at least 100 points and a job offer do get selected at once, though.

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