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    I need some help about my situation.I have my fiance who live in Africa and we lived together for 3 years .Also we blessed like couple because is how our culture is.Now I'm in New Zealand and I'm a permanent resident but my fiance still in Africa and we want to get married .The problem is ,my fiance is like refugee supporting by asylum access.we got idea of applying temporary entry applications .Then he filled his application and I filled the one regarding me INZ 1146.He has already do health check and evrything but he is not sending the forms yet because asylum access need me to get an immigration lawyer who the can communicate with.That is what makes me worried because I don't know how I can get that lawyer.I found one online and I contact him but he said he doesn't work with asylum access cases.I need help please .Thanks

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    Hi. I have no first-hand knowledge of this company, but a colleague of mine who I do trust recommended them - I also found this one online - but I do not have any knowledge of how good or reputable they are I do hope that helps.

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