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Thread: Temp Work Visa under partnership

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    Question Temp Work Visa under partnership

    I am a US citizen and my partner is dual US/NZ. I have chosen to apply for temporary work visa under partnership, in hopes of a 12 month visa. Should I go the extra mile and do the chest x-ray and general medical in order to boost my chances of acceptance? Reading these forums has got me worried sick!

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    Just doing everything required, step by step, is enough to get you the visa, as long as you've read the regulations carefully and you know you fit in. NZ want their Kiwis to come home, and accepting foreign partners is the price they're willing to pay!

    Why are you so worried? There's no need, if you're straight with INZ. That said, though, the vast majority of applicants feel a lot of tension while waiting. You're not alone.

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