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Thread: Verification problem.

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    Default Verification problem.

    Hi! I hope someone can help me what to do in my situation.

    My CO called my employer today and was asking question pertaining to my job. However, after the phone interview she realized that she have said some wrong information to my CO, such as ; start date of employment, current employment status.. My CO havent said anything yet but i am doubtful now for my application

    What could possible happen to my application?
    Will i get a chance to comment to my CO about this matter before she can make her decision?

    Hope some can help me on what should be my next move.

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    I would say, get your employer to get back in touch with the CO to give her the correct information. If your employer doesn't have the contact details, contact the CO to tell her the employer realizes she needs to correct some points, and please to contact her again.

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