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Thread: Good Salary?

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    Hi All,

    Been offered a job for 74K a year + 8% annual bonus, is this good money? or should I negotiate for more?
    Looking to buy house, new car etc. So be good to know if this is enough for comfortable life?


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    Congratulations on the job offer. To answer your question meaningfully, some further information would be required. For starters -- how many people is this income meant to support? Where will you be working/living? What will you be doing (impossible to say if your offer represents a "good" one without knowing your specific job, experience level, etc.)?

    So, for example, if there are four of you, you're the only breadwinner, and you'll be in Auckland, then I'd say you'll have to re-think the house + new car bit for some considerable time. If you're single and will be settling in Invercargill or Greymouth, then it might be a bit more realistic.

    Be careful about that 8% bonus, too -- if it's really guaranteed, then I'd want it in base salary. NZ is not a "bonus" working culture, in my experience.

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