Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum. And this is my first post

I have my partnership based work permit valid till June 2014. My husband's residence visa is valid till March 2015. We moved to USA recently as my husband got a job here.

If I do not get work permit in USA, we both are planning to move to NZ soon.

I have a few queries at this point-

1. Can I apply for partnership based resident visa(Resident visa under family category)?

2. Is it worth paying for Resident visa or is it better to get my work permit extended for another year and then
have time to decide whether to go for resident visa or not? I see that there is a huge difference in fee

3. What will happen if my current work permit expires during this process?

4. If my resident visa gets approved what will be the expiry date? will it be 2 years? or will it be the same as my
husband's Resident visa expiry date?