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Thread: EOI was selected at 150 but returned back to pool with 100 points

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    Default EOI was selected at 150 but returned back to pool with 100 points

    Hi All,

    It is really difficult to say this but my ITA was not honoured as guessed by the forums seniors members.

    MY previous thread for reference

    - You have claimed 10 area of absolute skill shortage bonus points (AASS) for your qualification and 15 AASS bonus points for your work experience as a Systems Administrator and have claimed that you meet the requirements by your Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics. However your qualifications do not meet the LTSSL requirements.

    - As India is not a comparable labour market to New Zealand you may only claim work experience points if you have work experience that meets requirements to claim AASS bonus points or if your work experience was undertaken for a multinational commercial entity that is domiciled in one of the countries listed in comparable labour market. As we are not able to award you AASS bonus points, we only allocate 25 points to your work experience with Autodesk, Axa Technology Services and State Street Services.

    - You have also claimed 20 bonus points for your partnerís qualification of Bachelor of Science degree from NMKRV College for Women. This qualification is not included in our LQEA and you have not provided an NZQA assessment number. We are therefore unable to award any points for the qualification. ---> this can be accomplished now since I had not updated the reference number.

    This reduces your original claim by 50 points, meaning that it drops below the selection point at the time you were selected from the Pool. Therefore, your Expression of Interest has been returned to the Pool with a score of 100 points.


    From the above I have only 100 point + 20 I can claim for my wife educations assessment with in 45 days. Please help and advice I am not seeing any positive signs for my ITA ..

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    Your best bet, if it is possible is to get a job offer. I know that's not easy! There is nothing you can do about the qualification and experience issues. Failing that, you might need to look at other routes completely, such as one of you getting a post-graduate student visa and the other going as a partner on a partnership-based work visa? I hope this is helpful.

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    For many people, a difficult part of managing to migrate to NZ is working out how to present their knowledge, qualifications and experience in such a way that a CO can readily see they comply with INZ regulations. It's important to start from what the regulations ARE, since, despite how we all tend to feel (that, being a good person, we SHOULD be admitted), those rules are what will control the outcome.

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