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Thread: Wellington Branch - Residence Visa

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    Default Wellington Branch - Residence Visa

    Hi, could someone throw some light on how long it takes to get a CO assigned for a partnership based residence visa (Wellington branch).
    I know it varies considerably, but just an average/approximate based on past applicants experiences would be very helpful.
    I applied for a partnership based residence visa on 19th May and havent been assigned a CO yet.

    Documents submitted:
    Marrg Cert
    Letter from landlord saying we've been living together for over a year
    letter for friends (NZ citizens)
    travel together - tickets
    car insurance together
    letters with same addresses
    joint bank account

    Is this sufficient?


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    Hi, drshah
    I have no idea about how long it usually takes to have a CO assigned. I submitted a partnership work visa at the same branch on May 19 and had the CO assigned on June 4. Perhaps the timeframe is different because yours is residence while mine is work. I haven't heard anything else yet, though. Good luck with your application

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    No idea about wellington branch. But i applied my residence visa on the 8th of may 2014 in Auckland CBD (they sent the file to Manukau branch later) and CO was assigned 6th of june 2014. Initially i was told that it will take 3-6 months for case officer to be assigned but its pretty good just under a month. Hopefully get the rest of the process clearance fast now :P. Also just while i am here, does any one know how much do we have to pay for migrant levy after getting the approval if we apply from NZ and currently living in NZ.

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    You can check here.

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