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Thread: work visa - 8 weeks still no case officer

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    Default work visa - 8 weeks still no case officer

    I lodged my work visa application on 12 april

    I keep calling contact centre and every time they say case officer not alocated yet

    They recieved labour market check and nz police verification on 9 may

    When I called them again on 20 may they first tell me that case officer not allocated and after 1 hour I recieved an email from INZ technical advisor for my employer to give more evidences that they genuinely attempt to recruit NZ citizens before offering me the position by 27 may.

    My employer reply back to INZ on 23 may .

    Its three weeks now
    When I called inz contact centre they acknowledged that they recieved the employer email but case officer not allocated yet and my file is in actionable queue

    My visa has expired and I am on interim visa now

    Jand M can you plz give me advise on this

    Many Thanks

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    There's no advice to give. Sorry.

    You've no doubt seen my old posts explaining that cases wait in a queue until one of the Case Officers has finished enough of their current workload to be allocated some more. This will happen when it happens, depending on the volume of work going through the office at the time, and there's nothing anyone can do to hurry the process. All the timings given on INZ websites are never a promise, only their best guess based on averages of what has been happening, and obviously, there can be a sudden rush of applications which means the same timings don't apply by the time your case gets there. The cases now being worked on have to be finished before new cases from the queue can be taken on. INZ have done what they're supposed to do by giving you an interim visa so you are legal while waiting for the outcome of your application.

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