Just thought i'd give an update on the process of renewing Working Holiday Visa for Brits here in New Zealand.

Had my medical last week in Ponsonby, and despite a few pre-existing medical conditions and still having treatment for a broken ankle through ACC, passed with flying colours according to the immigration doc. My chest xray was still valid from the one way back when in a foreign land..

Submitted my application on Monday at Auckland Central
Received notification that they'd accepted it on Monday
Got email on Wednesday saying application had been received at Manakau
Got email on Thursday saying application approved
Courierpost attempted to deliver my passport home today.

I included in my application a certified summary statement of my bank account funds, and a flight ticket out to Australia, as advised when I rang immigration a few weeks ago.

Don't worry about buying an envelope to put the application in the drop box, they provide them in the immgration office. Had I known this it would have saved a frantic dash to Whitcolls for a fresh envelope. Hey ho.

Job jobbed! Happy times.

Now got to work on getting a Work Visa.