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Thread: Looking for job in social work

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    Hi, my name is Dmitri, 24 originally from ukraine but hold Israeli passport. I obtained dagree in BSW social work from university in israel which equivalent to new zealand quilification(approved) and in middle of registration proccess to the board. Im on working holiday visa and trying to obtain a job for 9 months being here unseccessful. my english level is upper intermidiate. i hundreds of application online with good writen cv and cover letter. my area of training was probation officer, familly work and eldary. . the occupation its on the shortage list to the employer doesnt need to prove that he has'nt found any local social worker so letter of offer will grant me residence in new zealand. If i see no results for so long time being here definitely im doing somthing wrong.
    soo il be glad to hear any suggestion what to do becuase im flying away in couple of weeks and this is one of the last attemps to obtain a job.


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    Hi Dmitri,

    I know it's disheartening when you've applied for lots of jobs without success.
    I guess you know the MSD site and corrections well by now
    Have you any experience after you studies?
    Have you been into your local CYF site to talk to social workers there? I'm sure you'd be able to find a friendly soul who'd have a coffee with you and talk through various options. NZ seems to be much more about talking to people and being introduced to!
    Good luck

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    Dmitri, hello!
    Hope the job search is going alright so far
    You should check out a few places that offer social work and clinics
    Child Youth and Family is a good employer I have heard.
    There are a number of similar roles you could branch into too, case officer etc.

    Also ensure you know how to have a sharp CV and network properly and handle the interview.

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