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    I live in New Zealand and recently got residency and plan on going to bali for a holiday soon. However, im finding it a bit of a pain getting travel insurance!

    the cheapest i found was 'travel insurance direct' but like several others it specifies you need to be a permenant resident. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow to see if they'll although 'just' residency within the two year period but am expecting the answer to be no.

    Can anyone help recommending a company who will insure technically non permenant residents please? I cant get insurance from a UK firm (where im from) because you have to begin your journey in that country.

    thanks very much!

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    This is still quite a widespread problem. INZ changed the name of the first 'forever' visa in November 2010, from PR to Residence. Even some government departments, as well as businesses and institutions, haven't yet caught up with this and changed their paperwork and websites. Therefore, it's worth looking at the date on any information you're reading that says 'PR', and also, as you say yourself, a phone call to them could give you good news. With a Residence visa, you HAVE got the right to stay in NZ permanently.

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