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Thread: Civil Engineer heading to NZ for a work holiday.

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    Question Civil Engineer heading to NZ for a work holiday.

    Hey all,

    I've recently been approved for a holiday-work visa starting January 2015. I have a few questions that I hope you guys might be able to answer. Here's a little about myself (25/M):

    - I graduated with a degree in civil engineering from UT Austin in December 2012.
    - I've been working as a frac engineer in the oil field.
    - My experience as a civil engineer is limited, but I've got management skills and experience with water chemistry and rock mechanics.
    - I like long walks on the beach and watching the sun set while holding hands.
    - I've got a good amount of money saved up, so I'm not especially desperate for work while I'm there.

    I was just wondering where I might find temp/contract work as a civil engineer. I've looked through the sites listed all about these forums and can only find one listing. Would it be alright to just cold contact civil engineering firms and inquire?

    I'm also wondering if I'm legally allowed to search for permanent work and then apply for a skilled migrant visa. Is this kosher? Should I apply for the skilled migrant visa and then find work?

    I will have more questions later on. I hope you guys can help me out!

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    HI. If you find a permanent job while on a WHV you can then apply for residence but you can often start work on a short-term contract with that company using your WHV. I am not sure where you have looked for civil engineering jobs. Look at companies like Beca, Rob Law |Max recruitment,, Cold calling is considered perfectly acceptable in NZ. Have a look at

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    I am civil engineer too. Also planning of heading to NZ for job by WHV. From Immigration Department, Civil engineering is skill shortage. However, I do not know in the real life.

    If you are working in the building construction, Christchurch might be the best. But if you are in Heavy Civil Engineering- Design and Building Infrastructure, Transport (like me), there are some of National Roads Significance.

    Looking for expert view in Kiwi Land as all my knowledge is from internet !
    Hoping you can land a job in Civil Engineering soon. Good luck !

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    Hi, I would identify a few companies you want to work for and send them your CV directly. Congratulations on getting the visa though!

    But of course that means having a CV that is well written and to NZ standards and documents your achievements correctly. You don't want to say, miss that one chance when you send a CV - and then it's confusing or hard for them to follow.

    CV's here are pretty different to what I've seen in the rest of the world. Tend to focus a lot on achievements, and relevant experience.

    NZ employers are usually concerned about having someone who can do the job as well as positive to work with.

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