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    Default Guidance please

    Hi everyone,
    Iíd be grateful if anyone could advise me on accomplishment of resident visa conditions.
    I (and my wife) obtained NZ resident visa in early 2013 and stayed there for seven & a half months continuously. After that I joined an employment abroad.
    As Iíve already satisfied my first yearís resident visa conditions (by staying more than 184 days). Now Iím concerned about second year;
    am I eligible for NZ tax-resident status on the basis of employment (salary) abroad? In this regard, I can stay (in NZ) for one & half month during the second year of my resident visa. Please give your opinion and advice about all other possibilities for fulfilling resident visa travel conditions.
    Best regards

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    Here are the requirements. You have to fulfil the conditions in the top section, then meet ONE of the criteria listed below for commitment to NZ. That means that you can't take part of one of the criteria, and add it on to part of another. You'd need to meet either all the requirements for 1), or all the requirements for 2), not some of each as you're suggesting.

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    J and M is correct. But as an IRD issue, you should be able to achieve tax resident status for that first 7 1/2 months as it more than the 184 days that would normally make you a tax resident. From an immigration perspective you would need to show tas resident status and at least 41 days in NZ in each of the two years preceding the date of your application for PRV

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