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Thread: Update 3 years in

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    Default Update 3 years in

    Just a quick update, Hubby has been here 3 years and we are 1 month off 3 years!(kids and I)

    Living in Waikato in a really nice family friendly town with plenty of friends and activities for kids. I went casual(part-time) 2 years ago and hold 2 jobs and volunteer with St Johns so keeping busy. Hubby got a huge promotion last year and although really busy at work is enjoying most of the increased responsibility.

    Kids are in 3 and 4 yr at school and generally doing great. They have lots of friends, 4 different sports between them and sometimes I feel like a glorified taxi service..I love how active they are over here.

    We have built up a good solid social life with both expats and kiwis alike and really appreciate the on going good natured banter between all different nationalities.

    We have rented for a year, then bought and sold our own house after 18 mths, and are renting again whilst we build a new house in a beautiful spot out of town. Lots of land to run around for kids and perhaps a few animals! We should be in by Christmas!!!

    Our old lab is now almost 13 and enjoying retirement. We just got another lab puppy today and chaos reigns..

    Overall not regretting our move here at all, had a few recent twinges of missing the US but went very quickly, more related to missing friends.

    Thanks if you are still reading..

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    Congratulations! So pleased to hear things are working out for you all.

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    Glad to hear it's going so well...I remember us waiting....with impatience...

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    nice to hear - thanks ! Time passes quickly!

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