Anyone have any experiences with the Hamilton branch? Been on work visas for the past four years, and they've been fast enough in processing those, but obviously the residency application I've just sent off is gonna be a whole other story. The process times on the INZ website suggests a waiting time of app. 6-9 months. Not expecting a definitive answer on how long the process will take, just curious as to how long other applicants have had to wait for a CO to be assigned, and how long it has taken other applicants under the SMC category from EOI up to getting the mythical blue sticker.... Anyone?

I have a job offer, or rather I have been with the same company for four years alredy, in a ANZSCO skill level 3 occupation, have got a NZ qualification for my occupation and am based in the Waikato region, so out of Auckland.

EOI submitted 9-6-2014
EOI selected 11-6-2014
ITA issued 19-6-2014
ITA submitted 5-8-2014