Hello, is anyone able to help us with some accredited companies in the south island, for truck/hgv drivers
my husband is already out in Christchurch working for a company on a working visa.
The agent who got him the visa, told us lots of things & after the 3 months trial, it can be changed to a work to residence visa for the whole family. Too cut a long story short, some of the things aren't adding up for him or the company that took him on.
Husband has been to see immigration in nz about the visa & being on the demand list, which he is.
We need to find a accredited company who will take my husband on.
any company names would be great. I have seen a link on here showing accredited companies but the link wouldnt open.
Any hope towards the light at the end of the tunnel, would be great, so the family can be back together again.