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Thread: How to get a job offer in front end developer / web designer

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    Default How to get a job offer in front end developer / web designer

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Daniel and 27 years old. I come from China.
    I'm holding S Pass Visa in Singapore, working as web designer for above 1 year.
    Recently I expect to relocate to NZ.
    I'm looking for a job in front end developer or web designer. if any employer would like to send me a job offer. I will apply for work visa immediately.

    I am familiar with the work flow of web related project developments and believe I have the capability to add value and contribute to the business growth of your Company with my abilities as follows:

    • In-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS, with a proven ability in writing efficiently and semantic markup;
    • Possesses a strong ability to hand-code my designs into valid HTML and CSS with pixel-perfect precision;
    • Responsive and compatible approach to different size on screen and cross browsers.
    • Good knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator), Word Press, themes and plug-ins;
    • Customize simple function or style through PHP, JQuery, MySq;
    • Optimize Google SE based website, including authorship information, disavowing bad back links, tracking and amending errors of Structured Data, and Minifying size of some image/js/css files, etc.

    I can be contacted for more details of work experience [personal phone and email edited out in line with forum rule 10 - please make five posts on any thread then you will be able to use the Private Messaging system].

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    If you have made 5 posts, send me a PM. I might be able to help you.

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    Yeah, PM me too. Frontend devs are in high demand right now. You should have no problem at all finding work.

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    For anyone who may be interested -
    Free pizza and beer too

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