We're hoping to come to Auckland to live in March 2015. I'm a registered Nurse and at present I am a unit Manager running a dementia unit in the UK I have also lived and worked as a nurse in Queensland Australia. My partner as struggled to gain a job since we moved back to the UK 14 months ago and are now looking at moving either back to the sunshine Coast or to Auckland.

We moved back to the UK as our daughter was having a few problems with her partner, and after visiting her we decided to come back home, our son also moved back from back from Brisbane. But he's going back to Brisbane in February and our daughter has moved to Auckland and loving it.

We have resident return visa for Australia which means We can live and work permently in New Zealand, plus I have Nursing registration for the UK and Australia. I would like to know what job opportunities there is in Auckland before we decide to move. Also because of our move back home we have used quite a bit of our savings so we're just a bit concerned about money and as I'm nearly 50 and my husband 47 we need to be careful. We are able to manage on a limited amount of money, but with rentals and other bills you have to pay out its a concern. As a nurse what sort of salary could I achieve?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards, Kim