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    My name is vimal soni. I am an international student studying in new Zealand. I am in nz since one and half year. I am about to finish study in 6 month. I am bit confused about what i have to do after finishing study. I am thinking to start a small sole trader business with very low capital cost. But I don't know anything like how to commence? What are the steps? Which business would be good at very low capital?
    Can anyone please help me what I have to do after finishing study.
    I am working part time but there is a no scope for future

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    In order to be able stay longer in NZ, you have to get a suitable visa. The one you are most likely to be able to get is one of these.

    Having only just finished your studies, you are not likely to be in a position to meet the requirements of any of the investor/business visas that would allow you to be self-employed in NZ.

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    This is not my area of expertise but this came up in a conversation I was having with a lawyer yesterday so I will give you my two cents (which is just based purely on gossip!)...

    While there is no obvious restriction on your student visa about being self employed however - when you go to apply for a work visa or residency they will ask if you have been working in NZ before. If you answer yes - as "self-employed" then probably your application will be declined (because you are on a student visa - not a self-employed visa).

    You must be upfront and honest with your declarations with immigration. If they ever get a sniff of you misleading them then all future visas for NZ will be in doubt.

    Check out the Study to Work Visas mentioned in the other post. Get yourself a job that is on the shortlist -

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