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Thread: Advice needed about Tauranga

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    Smile Advice needed about Tauranga


    My husband and I live in Australia, he's from NZ and I'm from the UK. My in-laws live in Omokoroa. We are looking to move to NZ and buy in Tauranga and I was wondering what Cambridge Heights was like as an area and what the school is zoned to the area.


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    Cambridge Heights looks ok on the surface but is actually quite rough. It went downhill after the expressways got built so near. Their are a lot of party people and loud cars etc, less families with children. Also consider Cambridge Road gets very congested at peak traffic times and the roads off it (Westminster Drive, Winchester Terrace, Townshead Cresent, Bellfield Place etc) all have Cambridge Road as their only exit to town. There is also a fair bit of theft in that neighbourhood so were you to move there I would recommend a good home alarm system, good fences etc. I have heard some people complain about the noise from Takitimu drive/the new expressway that are very close, the trucks go all night (though personally that wouldn't be my main concern).

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