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    hi we are arriving in nz end of january 2015 and was wondering what is the population of uk expats in auckland ??or where i can find out ..have been told there are quite a few on aucklands north shore..

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    The best source is Statistics NZ - for Auckland (and NZ in total) here are some quick stats based on the 2013 census:
    Birthplace of people in Auckland Region and New Zealand
    2013 Census
    Birthplace Auckland Region New Zealand
    New Zealand 805,356 2,980,827
    Australia(1) 19,590 62,715
    Pacific Islands(2) 109,674 151,530
    UK and Ireland 90,429 265,203
    Europe (excluding UK and Ireland) 27,504 71,430
    North America 10,746 31,263
    Asia 203,277 316,470
    Middle East and Africa 50,301 90,285
    Other 5,658 12,891
    Total people stated 1,322,535 3,982,611
    Not elsewhere included(3) 93,015 259,434
    Total people 1,415,550 4,242,048

    This data comes from:

    If you dig around on the Stats website in the Browse Data section you can drill down to suburb level on many different dimensions.

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