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Thread: How do i get my girlfriend for nearly 5yrs now to come to new zealand??

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    Question How do i get my girlfriend for nearly 5yrs now to come to new zealand??

    hi everyone. me and my girlfriend have been in a relationship nearly 5 years now. however, we never lived together since we are not yet married due to our culture. i am a resident visa holder as of the moment. we badly want to be with each other. back in our country, we met each other at the university. we are members of the same organization. we physically meet each other almost everyday in our relationship. we do not have a joint bank account or anything in our names. i did try to call immigration contact number to seek for advice and they told me that the only option for the moment would be a general visit visa. the thing is, one of the officers mention about a visit visa based on partnership, something like that she will visit NZ to live with me so that we can apply later for a partnership based visa. on the other hand, another immigration officer said that we should be definite with our intentions as to visit only for it is a general visit visa. i am confused on what we should put in her application that could yield the positive result. i need advice please. thanks

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    What is your girlfriend's home country? - and so, which INZ office will she have to apply to?

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