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Thread: Best ratio of job/life opportunities and board/adrenaline sports

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    Default Best ratio of job/life opportunities and board/adrenaline sports

    Hi there guys!

    I am wondering what location would you suggest to point to.
    Of course first criterium is work and living options..for that and my Engineering job skills I guess Auckland wins so far..
    But free time I would like to spend outside get some great feelings and views..MTB, Kiteboarding, Surfing, Snowboarding, Tracking, I guess you will suggest Christchurch..

    Soo..can you please hit me with all your suggestions and experiences all over NZ?

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    Southern lakes region if you can find work - Queenstown, Wanaka and surrounds would suit your lifestyle pretty well by the sounds of things and there are engineering workshops in both towns, may be worth a wee google search an ask around them. Good luck!

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    It rather depends upon the field of engineering in which your skills lie. The southern lakes might work if you are a mechanical engineer but maybe less so for a chemical engineer and Christchurch is probably good for civil engineers right now and has access to all the activities you mention.

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