Hi everybody,

I would like to ask you guys on behalf of my friend who wants to migrate to nz. He has completed his mechanical engineering in India and had 7 years experience. and 5 years ago he and his wife moved to UK as his wife got student visa for Business studies in UK and he was on spouse visa. It has been very hard for them to extend their visa now. and both of them did't get any job related to their studies in UK. their Visa is going to expire soon and they want to try for NZ now on the basis of his mechanical engineer study. So i would like to know is there any option that they can look into? do they have to cross credit there study?? I am totally new to that path so just researching on that. Is there anybody who adopted any similar path?? He is more than happy if he want to study as well for some time ..
All your help will be much appreciated!!!
Thank you so much!!