Hi all,
Like many others, I have filed for residency under the SMC. After a fairly long time and being forcefully patient, my file has been referred for 2PC. After speaking with my lawer, she said that it has been approved by 1st CO and has been sent further for 2nd a valuation. Fair enough.
My all important question is, like on this forum (which I have been ardently going through), people talk of a questionnaire that the employer receives. Nothing of that sort happened in my case, it was just a verbal verification over the phone. Is it something bad!!!!

EOI Submitted: 28 May 14
ITA received: 6 June 2014
File submitted: 7 July 2014

Case officer allocated: 4 dec 14

Approx date of verification: 21 Dec 14

Last update on 2pc was through my lawer on 2 Jan 14.

Thanks in advance for the consideration.

Regards to all.