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    Dear All,
    Thanks for having this forum first.

    I tried to apply NZ under skill migration category. for my qualification and experience, I could score 120 points. my wife have a 3 years degree in physical science, and I hoped I could claim other 20 points. But after I did PAR, It was level 6 and I could claim only 10points. so now my score is 130 points.

    I have completed MBA and still I did not go for convocation. my first degree is Engineering. I am planning to do other PAR for this master and claim other 10 points . Is it needed to be relevant to first degree?. Also I did not see anywhere in the qualification list the MBA.

    Also my wife has done the degree in English medium. but it is not mentioned her degree certificate or transcript. I need to show this as a evidence to prove that she has a minimum English language requirement. So How can I prove this? Do I have to get special letter from university?

    Appreciate your comments/suggestions for my problem

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    I think you would be better to ask for an IQA. PAR can't be relied on to be correct.

    PAR is only ever done by a look over the names of qualifications - what they're called by the awarding institution in the other country - so it's not necessarily exact, since terminology doesn't always have the same meanings in the other culture and in NZ. IQA is done by an in-depth look at what was studied, for how long, to what depth, and then comparing that proof with what is done in courses within in NZ, to find one NZ qualification (if possible) that they can say it is nearly equivalent to.

    On the threads, we have seen where people's Level has gone up, OR down, between PAR and IQA, since PAR only depends on what words happen to be in the name of the qualification.

    So you may possibly find that you have the extra points you need.

    For proof of English for your wife, yes, she will need to write to her university to get a letter stating that she (by name and age) attended there on (whatever) course, between this date and that date, and that the course was delivered all in English. (Even when English medium is mentioned on the transcript or certificate, such a letter is still required separately.)

    What is your career? This will make a difference to what can be considered by INZ as your qualifications for the job.

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