Hi all

Thought you might like to know about my trip to the dentist and the pain I felt - when paying!!! :eek Goodness, I am definately in the wrong health profession - I should have trained as a dentist - $85 for 10 minutes work!! I had a broken tooth repair - patch up really - though good job I think.

Have to say though, the dentist was extremely nice( I would be for $85 for 10 mins work! ) which really helped my nerves!

I used to have a denplan policy in UK- I can't find any dental plan and have been told by many people that they do not exist. Some kiwis have told me they just do not visit the dentist - too expensive. I am lucky my teeth are quite healthy but it must be terrible if you have dental problems but just can't afford to see a dentist to sort them out. I am thinking of starting a seperate account for health care here in NZ - put aside a certain amount of money each month for dental care, optician, private health.

Something else I miss about UK - the peace of mind knowing if I need health care, it will be provided through my various private health plans - and the premiums were cheap compared to the NZ equivalent (private hospital treatment).


PS - I don't know if others do this but the way I compare prices to UK is to look at my hourly wage here and what I can buy with it compared to what I could for my hourly pay in the UK. (That sounds a bit muddled but I think you know what I mean! :? ) Example - a paperback bestseller book costs more than my hourly earnings in NZ - I used to be able to buy 3 1/2 books in UK for my hourly pay!!