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    I'm thinking about starting a business (and mostly - new life ) in NZ. I have some savings and I might try to get credit to start a English school. I know it might sound silly, but as a foreigner I remember when I come to England or Canada, and I struggled with my English language skills. This make me think that it might be good idea to start English school for others like me - immigrants seeking for a better life. People, who are comming over here, and want to improve their English to be more confident in searching for job or just daily interactions with other people. In my home country there is one English school that offer franchising My question is how do you guys think is this might work and be profitable is there a place in NZ for that kind of business?

    is it possible?

    thank you for you help! it's difficult to plan a future in a country where I have never been to!

    best regards

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    Do you have an area in mind? There seem to be English language schools/businesses around so it would be up to you to see if your particular target area had room for another one. You'd also need to see if there was a good supply of trained language teachers about to staff it. People definitely run this kind of enterprise as a business in New Zealand so it's possible. You'd have to look into the requirements of the entrepreneur visa too. Good luck and let me know if you need a language teacher

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