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Hi nitsam,

ITA submission deadline Oct 17, 2015 this essentially means keep a 10-day buffer (courier, lodging etc) and call it Oct 7, 2015 just in case, so I've 5 more weeks at this point.

36 days done IQA still waiting on Allocation. When I called NZQA last week, they seemed to ask me to wait out an additional week or 2 due to excess load; I also felt they gave me an impression that they did not want to be disturbed, although they were courteous.

IQA file setup: 13th July 2015
Allocation in progress: From 14th July 2015
ITA deadline: Oct 17, 2015

You are in red zone after 17th sep if you not received IQA on or before said date. Sure they are working on your qualification assessment, as per my experienced,because I received my spouse IQA on 17th july, but on letter date was 3rd july.