Now that summer is pretty much here we thought we would crank up our BBQ.

Need to get gas so we took the valve thing down to Warehouse to get some gas. None of their gas bottles would fit so we went to a BBQ shop.
Non of the gas bottles would fit our UK valve.
So we asked about buying a new valve.

We were told there that our valve and pipe connection was illegal!!!!!
Apprantly the pipe from the valve to the BBQ needs to be permantely attached to the valve. They use a special glue to attach the pipe to the valve. Also the pipe into the the BBQ itself needs to be secured via screw in attachement not just a 'juliane' clip which our UK one is.
So you can't just buy a new valve and shove it on the pipe you have to get a pipe and valve set, but the pipe bit won't attach to our BBQ.

SO no BBQ for us the labour weekend

It looks like we will either got to a gas company to get the valve / pipe / BBQ attached proberly or buy a whole new BBQ

Will keep you all informed on the out come.
It might prove better to sell your BBQ in the UK and get a new one here.