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Thread: How do I become a teacher in New Zealand?

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    Default How do I become a teacher in New Zealand?

    Hello everyone, my name is Josh. I just joined this website and have a few questions because I am very interested in your beautiful country. I'm only 18 years old and currently living in the U.S. I'm currently attending a community college and am thinking I will most likely be a teacher of some sort after I am done. Probably something in the social science spectrum if that makes a difference.
    My question is: What would I need to do in terms of degrees/tests/whatever to be able to become a high-school level teacher in New Zealand, or a College/University level teacher?
    I know I'm young and I'm thinking far ahead somewhat, but I love the idea of New Zealand more than any other country and through my research I've come to absolutely love it. Hopefully I'm going to be going on a trip next december to see if it's all I've made it out to be in my mind.
    I just want to know how possible/easy it would be to become a teacher in NZ with a bachelors degree in a social science (haven't narrowed down a major quite yet), and/or perhaps a masters in education.
    Thanks for any responses in advance! All help is welcome, I've got no idea what I'm doing XD I'm mostly unsure of what different sorts of US degrees are equivalent to in NZ.
    *edit (I also don't know what the age groups for different sections of schooling look like in NZ, if someone could clear that up for me it'd be appreciated.)
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    You can start researching here - you'll see there are different pathways depending on whether or not you might decide to follow your higher education in NZ.

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    Coming soon...

    NZ Teachers Council is about to become Educanz in the next few months

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    Working at schools and universities tends to follow a different education to some extent. To work at university you do really need a doctorate/PhD in addition to a first degree/masters level. Definitely a good aspiration if you are fascinated by your subject and want to do further research as well as teach/lecture.
    Good luck with your plans.

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