Hello all, I've been gathering some information about New Zealand the last few days. My biggest dream in life is to leave my country for a better place, and I would love to have some New Zealands residents to talk to and get some insight.

I'm a software developer. The technology that I'm an expert only has a market here in my country, so I would need some sort of a fresh start in something like C# (which I'm very familiar with). Although I do have 4+ years of software development experience.
My wife is a doctor, pediatrician, with 2 sub-specialties (pediatric intensive care and pediatric nephrology).

My wife being a doctor, there are not many places outside our home country where she can validate her diploma and get a license. Places like US, Canada, make it almost impossible. From what I've read, in Austraiia and New Zealand it's possible.

So here's the question:
With that background what should I expect from New Zealand? I've read a lot of bad things in this website (http://e2nz.org/) so I'm a bit afraid of the reality I may find there.