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    Hello again, starting to feel a bit bad for spamming this forum, but I'm getting straighter answers here than from INZ.

    I'm going for a work visa as a Chef, which is listed on the LTSSL, but I don't meet the qualifications aspect of that (all work experience from the bottom up, which is pretty normal in the industry- I never got qualifications)
    So I an not exempted from the labour market check on that ground.
    However, I am also on a SMC Visa app in progress with job offer, so I wondered if I might be exempt on that grounds, though I am not the principal app.

    So far, talking with INZ has told me that yes, I absolutely am exempt from the check on that basis, and no I absolutely am not because I'm not the principal app, depending on which officer I speak to Does anyone have any concrete evidence either way on this?
    I shouldn't be too worried, as I know for a fact that chefs are in short supply, and especially hard to find in the area I'm in - they just can't get people, or the people they do get bugger off pretty quickly. But I don't know if immigration take this into account, or if they just get a list from WINZ that says there's X amount of unemployed in the wider region who could do this job, decline the visa?
    I've pretty much lost faith in any info I get from INZ direction regarding visa's - every issue I've had I've gotten conflicting advice on.

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    You as the secondary applicant don't get any benefit from the ongoing application under SMC. Those applications are ALL about the principal applicant, and any others entered on the same form don't influence it (except the few points that can come from any qualification the partner has), or get any help from it, unless and until it's passed you both/all have Residence. WK2.5.1 iv and v show it's the principal applicant's situation that matters.

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