I am currently in NZ approaching the end of my WHV with approx 35 days left on my visa. I am hoping to extend onto a tourist visa to give me some extra time to travel and to sell my camper van before I leave. The terms of my current visa state that employment can only be under taken for 12 months but gives no information on how this is to be measured.

I previously calculated that I should be fine to work until the end of my visa based on my working days not been over 365 but I spoke to immigration and they told me it is calculated based on my IRD summary of earnings and they really couldn't elaborate any further than that. Looking at my statement of earnings it notes a full month for everyday I have worked in a month leaving it looking like I have worked for 15 months.... Even though for certain months I only worked a total of 3 days.

I am quite worried about this affecting my chances of having a visitor visa approved. I don't want to apply for a visa if I think it will get denied. I have all the other requirements for the visa, medical and police check etc and the employment issue is my only concern. Will immigration definitely check my time spent working when my application for a tourist visa is processed? if they decline it because of this is there any chance I can appeal the decision based on it been a grey area? By my calculations I have worked for about 51 weeks although this could be incorrect and as I mentioned it looks longer when I read my summary of earnings :-(

If anyone can help shed some light on this I would really appreciate it! Cheers!